Roy Rogers vs the Wyoming Charm

Here are 2 horse and rider charms I bought – I always assumed that the mechanical rearing horse charms were Roy Rogers, now it seems there are 2 styles – the older of which I have also found with a Wyoming Souvenir tag. The older looking one on the left is the one we’ve seen and loved, it is rather rare and I have always wondered why the mechanical works make the horse rear in a way that would break his back and is physically impossible (see pictures) the one on the right has less patina, rougher details a SPRING in the back legs. It is no longer attached to wherever it had tension so the mechanics only work by hand, but I have to wonder if the other charm once had a spring also? The newer looking charm bows to the ground (again see pictures to compare the 2 movements) like a rodeo or circus horse and then rears up to the same stance as the other charm.


comments and opinions anyone?


  1. thatspecialcharm says

    I have a vintage charm similar to these; the
    charm I have has an ornate saddle, and the
    details are sharp. It is hinged, and the
    horse raises up and down.

    The more I studied the detailed charm,
    it seemed to me that the horse and rider
    were one of 3 duos:
    Gene Autry and Champion (your Wyoming
    note may factor in here), Roy and Trigger
    or Hopalong and Topper …

    So, I showed the charm to several people
    who truly know their stuff when it comes to
    vintage Hollywood, and I was surprised
    by the results of my informal survey —
    all said it was Hopalong Cassidy and Topper!
    They said the ornate saddle and slightly
    larger cowboy hat ruled out Autry and Rogers.

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