Wanted: What are you looking for?

If you have a Holy Grail of Charms- whatever it may be, list it here so other members can let you know if they have it to sell.


  1. Here’s the one I most want- I saw it once and never since. Of course if it ever is seen I’ll have to fight filomene66 over it! oops- I’ll have to post the picture a different way- let me check.

  2. oh- in case anyone doesn’t know how to post photos to comments –
    upload your photo to http://www.tinypic.com
    copy and then paste.

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  4. sandrafoster says

    Oh I love the kiss in the dark! Now you will have to fight me for it.

    I do, however, want to replace a charm that Joan gave me and which I somehow lost – a silver charm with the words ‘Fuddle Duddle’, open-work letters (memories of Pierre Elliot Trudeau if there are nay Canadians on this site)


  5. ‘FUDDLE DUDDLE’ ok- anyone out there know where to find one? I’ll check around.

    I did win a sterling kiss in the dark for a great price on a bracelet- but it was lost in the post- why is it always the great ones that get lost?

  6. lavalleyjo says

    I love so many charms it’s hard to name just one, but lately my focus has turned to charm catalogues. I would feel like I’d died and gone to heaven if I found a Walter Lampl Catalogue, as well as one for NUVO, the English charm makers. Anyone know where to find these? Thanks for any help that is given, Debbie

  7. callen1956 says

    The charm I want the most is a 5/8 enamel disc with a chimney sweep carrying a ladder with a 4-leaf clover dangling off the end, the boy is wearing a black top hat and there is also a black cat on some of them. Would love to have it!! Thanks, Cindy

  8. Hi. I found this site looking for charm collectors. Hello to everyone. I would love to find a sterling 3d charm of a Great Dane.

  9. candelabra says

    Hello fellow charm collectors! I would so dearly love to have a sterling light up charm. Preferably one that is love themed. Of course, a lighthouse would work, too. Also, I’ve seen two gold love thermometer charms (Amitie, Amour, Passion). Does it even come in silver?? If so, would seriously maim to have it. 😉

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