Why we care about vintage catalog pages and modern price guides

Every time I look at a new (old, but newly found for me) catalog or magazine from the early part of the 20th century I find information I didn’t have before – which will generally help me value my collection better and always is interesting.
The magazines have ads showing the prices and styles in charms, and articles with ‘What’s new for the Modern Woman’. The pictures are wonderful and it all transports me to a world before I was born, but that I feel connected to through my bracelets.
The books on charms and price guides are valuable, and not just the newest ones! I kept every edition of Gene Florence’s Depression Glass guides and I’d never get rid of a book on charms even if and hopefully when, new ones come out.
One of my auctions now is an example of how an old guide is useful. (it isn’t a charm so I won’t bore you with it – but it is an amazing Victorian necklace with the weirdest spiderwebs. ) I had thought to take it apart and add one of the links to my Halloween bracelet – until another eBayer told me that it is shown in a Victorian Jewelry price guide, from over 20 years ago. It was a book piece then and even more rare now, NOT a costume piece. It’s also nice to know that the sterling tester is working!
A wise collector once told me that when I started out in any collection the best money I could spend was on books and education – each dollar spent there saves hundreds in wrong buys later.
I already own (and have reviewed for you) all the books shown in our link on the left – and am waiting with tapping toe and bated breath for Joanne Schwartz to write a new edition of the ‘Bible’ as charmers have termed it. click here to see


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