A Cape Cod Cranberry Charm I haven’t seen before

cape-cod-1.jpgcape-cod-2.jpgcape-cod-3.jpg I have long lusted after the Cape Cod Mass. Cranberry Charm, and when I finally scored one I actually scored 2- but they are very different! On the top above the charm postcard (yes really, I show both sides of the box- knocked me out) is the rare and much coveted charm I was looking for, below it in the box- said postcard- is a map and box with red berries. Does anyone else have a Cape Cod Cranberry Charm that’s different from these?


  1. Oh my gosh. I could really see that charms could become something I could collect obsessively!

    That Cranberry one is cute, love the colour!

  2. lavalleyjo says

    Hey K-girl, I can only dream about this charm……..great catch! I just got a duplicate vintage OH-BOY case with the bar inside. Are you still looking for this charm? If so, it’s yours….D