Trading Vintage Charms

The wonderful Vintage Charm Group on eBay (if you don’t belong go to the ‘other resources’ to see some articles- those members are the best of the best) doesn’t allow members to trade vintage charms, which might interfere with the sales of above mentioned vintage charms on that site ( Ebay not the vintage charm group, which is kept completely pure for information).
I had all the auctions I had posted removed one time – days worth of work- because I offered to trade other charms if anyone was interested. I wrote it within the text of the auction (not trade the charm for sale, but still against the rules to even have the word ‘trade’ in an auction I found out).
So one of the reasons I started this site was to offer a place where collectors could talk and trade their charms among themselves- for fun – and to have a charm community. If you have a vintage charm (or even a modern one as long as you note that it is not vintage when describing it) that someone else may want- or if there is a vintage charm you are looking for, list it- with picture if possible- or reference the catalog pages.
If you have any trouble posting anything just email me and I’ll deal with it. I hope this becomes a wonderful resource for all of us in our search for the perfect vintage charm collections.

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