Tiffany’s Secret of the Heart

As I mentioned before I’ve been very impressed with the new Tiffany & Co. charm collection – they have lots of styles just out, and one in particular I have to tell you about because it reminds me of the old vintage sense of humor in charms. It isn’t on the web site yet:

but the very helpful salesperson gave me a copy of the sale sku so I could scan it ( don’t you love a place where they still have fantastic service?) BTW – this is one of the things you should NEVER try to buy on eBay – frauds abound.


So here is the Tiffany & Co. 2008 version of the Victorian heart padlock with key. I was disappointed that it wasn’t functional and trying to open it when the clerk pointed out that YOU HAVE TO PULL ON THE KEY. The key pulls down and as it does it pulls the left side of the ring into the body of the heart opening a space so it can be put on the bracelet – let go of the key and it closes. I’ve never seen that mechanism before even in vintage charm mechanicals, the brilliant simplicity reminds me of the 1930’s Lampl charms.


  1. That is so neat!


  1. […] one. My friends bought it as a 50th present and my husband has since provided the lock, and an anniversary gift of the heart key I talk about here. It seems no one was sure what I liked or if I already had it so I’ve been getting blouses […]

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