There’ve Been Some Changes Made

With the new server a few things have changed in how you can leave comments on this site. Just click on comments and it’ll ask you to sign in as opposed to before when you had to sign in then go to comments.

For some in-depth eBay surfing check out all the sellers and links to eBay auctions we have added to the left of the screen. I have known and bought from these group members many times in the past – always a pleasure, they are the cream of the vintage charm sellers. Most also have eBay stores and many have Ruby Lane stores so be sure to check Sellers Other Items, and the ME links. If you only have a few minutes this will make your search fun and productive, so go see what they have! But there are hundreds more great sellers out there, and do check the eBay charm links for the latest.

In case you haven’t noticed the web god has added a new feature to the right on the screen. We now post a ‘featured charm’ something wonderful that I thought you might not discover, because of where it’s listed or how the search words show.

We’ve lost some pictures over the year so I’ll be putting them back up a bit at a time – if you have something you want to show just email me with it, I’d love to share.

Don’t forget the Amazon link in the Bookstore with the charm book reviews I’ve done, and let me know what else you’d like to see please?

We’ll be havin’ some fun now!

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