The Touch Wood Wud version of Fums Up

touch wood lucky charms in the round version

With the great popularity of the Fums Ups other variations emerged as the War went on – and continued through WWII as well. This round version didn’t move, the hands are attached in the up position, and this is the version that was further personalised in the different army hats, and even a female variant. Those tend to be even rarer, but are not as widely collected. While it can be argued that every charm collection needs the Fums Up, to aquire one in every style requires a dedicated (and insane) collector.


  1. I have found a charm in my father’s possessions “TOUCH WUD” with little diamond eyes (one eye seems to be something other than a diamond) from the well-known Brisbane Jeweller: Flavelle, Roberts & Sankey Ltd. (1858-1949)
    If you want to see a photo, please help me on how to attach it here.

  2. here is the picture of the charm she found: a little darling!

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