the pcc flea market

Oh the joys of a good flea market on a lucky day! With my arthritis problems I haven’t been to my favorite flea markets in ages – it used to be a ritual every Sunday, and we have some of the best here is southern California. First Sunday – Pasadena City College, second Sunday – the Rose Bowl, third Sunday Veterans Stadium in Long Beach, forth Sunday Melrose and Fairfax in Hollywood. I had to be up at 6 and there before 7 paying the early bird fees and walking swiftly in the cool of the morning, hoping to finish with treasures before the heat and crowds arrived. But getting older has it’s drawbacks (not that I’m complaining considering the alternative mind you).

However, a friend had never been and I think PCC is the best of them, although the Rose Bowl has the celebrities and status (and 15.00 entrance fee!) PCC is free – although parking in the student lot is 2.00 (be sure to have exact change for the machines). So off we went with her daughter today, not exactly at the ‘crap of dawn’ and had a day of fantastic charm finds!

The most important was a mechanical charm I have been searching for years now – a rotisserie chicken roaster with the lid that opens to bacon and eggs (these art deco style gems used to be called Breakfasters and also made toast – I actually had one in college). It went for 250.00 last time I saw it and a friend bought it, but I snaffled mine for 25.00 after managing to persuade the seller to take it off the bracelet. I had to leave behind a working scale and several other gems, but this was a gift from Carol for my birthday – wahoooooooo!

I also scored some amazing enamel hearts, over 100 puffy charms from the 40’s and some states, mechanicals etc. Quite the day and nice to be back.

I’m all stocked up for the charm convention this week, I even bought some jewelry magnets if anyone needs them.

1940's mechanical toast charm

The Rotisserie/Toast/Breakfaster Charm

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