The Top Hat Charm Catalog Intro

For some reason it looks like this is not the full document i have – can someone tell me if it opens or if I need to redo please? I’ve done it 3 times and it keeps showing this so maybe it’s ok, but doesn’t look right to me. It works perfectly in Internet Explorer […]

Wells Company Top Hat Charm Catalog 1953 Intro

Here are the first 2 pages of the Index. Now of course my scanner says it isn’t a scanner so I have to figure it out before I can add the next Index pages and the charm scans. Sigh, if it isn’t one thing it’s your Mother. -wink.

Wells Top Hat Charm Catalog – vintage 1953 –

This is the beginning of the Wells Co Top Hat Charm Catalog for 1953 / 5th rd. I’ll try to do the pages in order – 2 everyday. I hope you enjoy it! I also hope it helps date any Wells vintage charms you might have questions about. I have found several of these charms […]