There’s just something about Walter Lampl Charms

Here is a beautiful example of why the charms made by the Walter Lampl Company are so prized – look at the quality, and does anyone remember what he used for sand – I think it was crushed rubies chips but not sure? What a lovely way to give someone ‘time’ for the holidays. walter […]

Walter Lampl’s other brilliant charms

This seller raises a valid point – Walter Lampl made MANY charms other than the lovely guilloche Flower of the Month charms for which he is presently best known. He held hundreds of charm patents, and I’d love to have a bracelet full of his gold mechanical charms. click on this link for the Walter […]

When a Walter Lampl shows up as a Hidden Treasure

Finding a bracelet that isn’t titled with a Walter Lampl charm on it is always a treat – even better if are two, and one is a flower of the month enamel. It just makes your week if you win it for a song. But at any price these spectacular enamel guilloche hearts are treasures. […]