a member is selling her collection

here is the first bracelet – she has a huge collection of moving gold charms and bracelets – just a taste to start as she hasn’t priced them for me yet NOW UP ON EBAY!  over 1/4 pound of gold 14K VINTAGE CHARM BRACELET ~ 43 Hearts ~GEMS w/ Yellow, Rose, White, Green gold  

fourth page gold mechanical charms

This is the School Days page – If I remember correctly Lampl designed the chalkboard one.

A few extra pages for fun

I thought I’d add the first three pages of charms the first day so you could have some fun to make up for my being gone so long:

Here we go…

It’s been awhile since I posted so I thought I’d start by giving you a look at some of the charm catalogs I’ve collected while away. This is a 1950’s sales piece by the American Charm Company AC from the 1950’s. It features all 14K charms, and is a wonderful source of information to research […]