Sometimes charming isn’t about jewelry

The holiday season is about giving, and we all have a special charm we long for (or 50) but I’m going out on a limb here and saying that in this time of global need, we might feel better joining the new groups of micro loaners – for only 25.00 you can make a loan to fund someone in changing their lives for the better – and passing it on. That’s about the cost of one charm, and not a good vintage one at that.
These loans are safe, repay at decent interest, and are paid back with in three years. You can then reinvest or take the payback.
Ebay sponsors one such charity/loan and right now they are giving a 25.00 gift certificate with each loan – (may be over – check with them) win win!
They also have a way to buy friends a gift certificate of a 20.00 loan and will give you a free matching certificate.
the link is:
What a deal!!!! and nice to see eBay sponsoring something with all those fees we pay.

The other one I love is KIVA
I am forming a group there of charmers so we can track the good we do together in the world. Please join me if you have a spare 25.00 to lend for a few years, it’ll make you feel great! Click here to join the Charmers Kiva group

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