Here’s where you can let us in on rip off sellers

We all need to know which sellers don’t behave ethically- if you’ve been ripped off please tell us about it – how it happened, who did it, what the resolution was. We can make a list of those sellers who portray new as vintage, or otherwise consistently defraud our beloved charmers.

Notice I said consistently- anyone can make a mistake, as long as they fix the problem we should all be understanding. It is those who take advantage, are abusive, or downright dishonest that we need to warn each other of, so we can learn from each others’ mistakes.

Also, while I’m not a snob about vintage and have certainly been known to enjoy modern charms when bought at the right price, manys the time I’ve paid for and expected a vintage charm and gotten an obvious repro – for each of those there are probably 2 I didn’t realize were repro, especially in the beginning. This is made even more complicated by the fact that many English sellers steam or sonic clean their vintage charms so they sparkle for sale. They tarnish back up nicely with the patina intact if they haven’t been polished but you really have to trust the seller when one of those arrives. Having received 2 of those from the Queen of Charmers I now know to not judge strictly on tarnish (there can be no doubt about the quality and genuine vintage status of her charm).

It can be a huge help to know who to avoid when buying, likewise it can be helpful to see that the sellers we are considering aren’t a problem, and are indeed as wonderful as we had hoped.


  1. 2manychins says

    This is a great idea and I will be back with the name of a less than honest seller I had a transaction with as well as some others I was advised to avoid by other group members.

  2. I am writing for some much needed advice. I’m not sure if I just purchased a bracelet from a dishonest seller or not. The bracelet that I bought is supposed to weigh 40 grams and the priority mail box weighs nowhere near that. I have to sign for it. I asked the mailman to please just mark it as I wasn’t home and let me come to the post office to get it with witnesses and a scale present. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks, Danielle

    • depending whether you bought through paypal you have many options on how to file a claim, but wait till you see it and have a jeweler look before worrying, all may be well.

  3. I picked the bracelet up at the post office, and it appears to be completely as described. I feel bad for being so paranoid! Thank you Kyria-d for running this website! You were the first person I thought of to give me advice. Danielle

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