A Patriotic Bracelet – Who’d have ever thought?

What can I say, it’s a new feeling for me to be so giddy with nationalism, somehow it almost feels as if we can get a handle on the problems. For years my heart has bled that we haven’t managed the bare basics for our population, health care and food, safety, shelter for all. Suddenly I’m so proud of us, that we may actually manage to come through to be the civilized country we want to be, or at least we’re facing our demons and working at it. Maybe all those years of nonviolent protest are finally paying off? To celebrate I found this bracelet on eBay – a wow! some of the hand painted enamel states go back to the 40’s, and the modern bubble flag is a treat. Visit every state, and enjoy. Click here for the auction of this ultimate American charm bracelet.

vintage enamel charm bracelet - 50 states ++

vintage enamel charm bracelet - 50 states ++


  1. ggmsmolly says

    I have a USA states charm bracelet in sterling and love it. However, this one is spectacular that you have featured.

  2. send pictures of your bracelet? we love to see!

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