Pam has won the prize for first entry JOYFUL

And a brilliant one it is – (but sorry Pammy – not a stumper, c’mon for ANY of us it is joyful to find a charm we love!)

I picture the obvious, but for me joyful is when you see something wonderful, think you’ll die without it – know you;ll never get it, then win it for a song. Joy is finding the bracelet of mechanical 9K charms at a flea market for 25.00 because the seller says they are brass; you think you hope – but until you get them home to test you don’t know for sure……
Joyful is when a friend gives you a wonderful charm as a gift because they actually do GET YOU!;
joyful was the start of my 14K charm habit:
I was at my favorite antique center looking for sterling charms and a seller offered a bracelet he had in his safe- never got around to listing- if I didn’t mind gold? 10 mechanical charms on it – 175.00. less than if they had been silver (although of course then I started buying gold so the cost is MUCH higher)
Joyful is the thrill when the post arrives and there is something for YOU.
Joyful is finding the info on a rare charm, a makers mark a manufacturer, a catalog.
Joyful is when there are questions and you know the answers.
Joy is the search for information.
Joy is the carved black coral charm listed as wood, the fums up listed as a doll, the Walter Lampl, the Avery, the thousands of misspelled or mis-categorized listings if you are the one to find them.
Joyful is the collector for s/he shall gain knowledge.

1960's disk 14K gold charm for bracelet JOY

1960's disk 14K gold charm for bracelet JOY

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