Members linked ebay auctions

If you look over to the left you’ll see a link to my ebay auctions – it’s been there since the beginning but now you’ll notice another has been added- to charminglady1’s ebay auctions (yes she goes above me- it’s alphabetical -and I’m not touchy).

The very cool point however is that ANYONE who is a member here can have the web god link their ebay auctions there- one stop bidding as it were. so please let me know if you want yours listed. (and no of course it doesn’t cost anything – but it may bring you some more visitors and bids.)

And of course you will want to go look at what other members have for auction- click on their names to the left when you want to look for something fun.

Just add a comment or send me a note and I’ll put your ebay auctions up in the column. A membership perk!

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