Long Ago and Far Away

Back in the day, (i.e. before I was old and/or wise enough to know that actions had consequences), a small dog approached me on the street where I was visiting my parents. I had been on the road touring for several years, and planned to continue (best laid plans…) When he saw me, he sat up but didn’t touch – as if afraid of rejection. After he’d had a bath and food, collar, flea meds, shots and I had posted missing dog notices all over the neighborhood, I started to look for an apartment. By this point if someone had answered the lost dog ads I would have claimed I gave birth to him myself. All this was to the good as my S.I. was tired of the road. Unable to find an apartment that would take a pet we bought a small condo – a bic house (like a bic pen or lighter – use it up, throw it away.) Twenty five years later, I am still there. Smidgen enriched our lives for sixteen years, and I’d give almost anything to have him back. But I have another street dog now, as loving and bratty as the first, and two others – pound puppies – in the gaps. I did go out on tours and leave him with family in the house, and as much as I loved those experiences, I begrudge every minute I missed with him. Life changes in a heartbeat, carpe diem!

This is what he looked like – and a great charm as well.

smidgen – as seen by a Victorian carver in coral

Smidgen the wonder pup, in Victorian Carved Coral Charm

Smidgen the wonder pup, in Victorian Carved Coral Charm

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