Let’s talk Fums Up – the Lucky Luce

This British only version of a fums up from WWI through the 40’s has a glass head and paste eyes on sterling body, many fewer of these were made and they are called Lucky Luce – usually have LUCE on the front. Do any of you have these? – I am wondering if they came with birthstone eyes like the Touch Wuds. Here is a link to an auction on the UK site I rarely see them for sale in this country. Can an English member tell us the story behind them?

Lucky Luce Charm  circa WWI molded glass and silver

Lucky Luce Charm circa WWI molded glass and silver


  1. ggmsmolly says

    Just love those Victorian and hearts from the 40s, especially Walter Lampl guilloche enameled.

  2. I saw one today at an auction preview, wonder what it is worth, this one looks like gold with black head.

  3. it depends on whether the gold is rolled, 9K or 14K but the low end would be about 100 up to 300 for an 18K with diamond eyes. hope you win him!