It’s begining to feel alot like –

modern pudding charm set from englandvintage sterling cake favor charms

Well today IS after all a New Year. No better time to get ready for the holidays, and since until I can get the new site updated to accept uploaded scans I need to go back to the ones I have , what better time to look at these fortune telling sterling charms?
These lovely trinkets were meant to go in steamed puddings at the Holiday table, more modern versions (for those of us who prefer to keep our teeth unchipped and not swallow charms by mistake) suggest tying them to ribbons to make them more visible.
The older version is from the 20s the newer one from the 80’s, both well worth having to amuse for Wedding Showers, Birthdays, and Halloween as well as the traditional Christmas and New Years desserts. I like to add them to the baby in the Mardi Gras King’s Cake also – why not enjoy?

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