Fums Ups 2

comparison of back view on 5 fums ups in large photo formatcomparison of 5 fums up charms with big eyesTook me awhile but I have some interesting pictures of various ‘Fums Up’ Touch Wood’ Touch Wud’ etc. I have a friend (who shall remain nameless at his/her request) who has an extensive collection and has agreed to share some pictures.
I think the progression of these is particularly interesting, from the 1914-16 reg. marks used in the first World War, and through to the 70’s when Nuvo made the last of the character series, identified by the double diamond and st sil mark. There were the kewpies and sambos (a particular embarrassment, but part of the cycle non the less), the bead heads, the gold, brass, & sterling, the various armed forces and the occasional hand made one – don’t even start on all the different eye variations! From the catalogs of the day we now know that they were sold in both America and the United Kingdom, but the range of manufacture remains unclear.
Here are a few to drool over:

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