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Hello, I have a vintage Christmas tree charm that no longer lights up. Do you offer a repair service (Debbie?), or can you offer suggestions on how to do this? I took it to a local jeweler and he knew nothing about these and didn’t want to work on it. I am willing to try! I would love to see it light up again!
Many thanks~ I am a huge charm enthusiast!

It sounds like you have a simple problem, lucky you!
open the battery chamber at the bottom of the charm, replace the battery (you can get a hearing aid battery at a watch repair store, they are better equipped than jewelers for this. if it worked recently then that should take care of it.

If the light still doesn’t work you will need a new bulb – found at a model train store, the seed lights used in their lampposts work perfectly in the lighting charms. Sadly however that will mean taking the old one out, putting in the new and making the electrical contact to the side and to the battery. The model train store owners are often very helpful with this.

I hope you send us pictures of it when it lights again!


  1. WorldEccentricityCharm says

    Did you ever get this working again? I had a light-up tree that I wanted to repair but found corrosion when I removed the battery. That could be your problem is you still can’t get it working.


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