The Difference between Mechanical and Moving Charms

What is it about miniatures? Small perfect replicas of the items we have around us everyday, whether puppies, kittens, babies, or toys – and of course especially ~ as CHARMS ~ endear themselves to us in a way nothing full size can. It becomes far more addictive however, when the item works exactly like it’s larger persona.

Mechanical charms are the ones that perform exactly as they would in full size, boxes open, scissors cut, fruit juicers squeeze etc. In the most detailed of these sometimes trees will light and turn, often to music; it’s as if the toy or tool has been hit with a reduction ray and all is in scale and working order.

Moving charms are just that – they move. The hands on a clock may turn, fish may float about, matchbooks open, etc. All mechanical charms are moving ones, but not all moving ones are mechanical. (It could be argued that a non moving sundial works like it’s larger counterpart yet doesn’t move, but I digress). If the clock moves and keeps time – it is mechanical; if you must move the hands it is not – it is a moving charm. This is no measure of its’ worth however. Scissors are technically simple mechanicals if sharp, but do you honestly know anyone who would trade a nuvo alien for one? If so please send them my way – I have plenty of scissors! ~twinkly grin~


  1. I think you may have taken the concept of mechanical charms a little too far. I believe a mechancical charm could be, for example, a clock charm where the hands are moved manually by a small lever, although I accept if you have to move the actual hands yourself then this may be better described as a moving charm.
    It is all perhaps a little academic but why should we not be?
    As a traditional charm maker allow me to leave a small plug to view some of our own designs we have been making since the 1960s.

    • i love your site, and the charms you make are wonderful – many many of them grace my bracelets. on the academic side i agree with you that if the hands move it could be a mechanical, but i feel that if it just opens, it doesn’t qualify. and of course the term in no way affects the value, just nit picking i guess!

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