Charms as secret voices – and vices

I’ve never understood people who can’t figure out what to give to those they love, be it at holiday time or birthday, Valentines Day or any other special occasion. Surely if you love someone you know what will delight them, and with a little thought can be tailored to any budget. Write a fancy gift certificate for a romantic massage, set up a house account at a favorite restaurant (the best present my husband ever gave me – and cost not a cent) or yes – you knew I was getting to this – a single charm that expresses something special.

Back in the romantic days of the Renaissance lovers exchanged tiny paintings of a single eye – or lips, recognizable only to the secret loved one, to be gazed at in secret – one wonders if in more modern times other body parts are added to photo charms.

Flowers spoke a language in Victorian charms and the red or white rose charm could express totally different passions when gifted, and hang on a bracelet with perfect propriety, the lust involved known only to the owner, and the giver.

For any feeling, from secret longing to good-bye, the expression in a charm details the life of the wearer. When she looks at it – even decades later, the feeling felt is as strong as the first time. Someone cared enough to find the perfect expression of their feelings, and a moment is captured in time.

Keep the chocolates, flowers, wine and (please please keep the appliances and clothes!) last minute perfume we’ve never liked.

There are a million charms – say something wonderful, maybe something you couldn’t say out loud. We’ll hear you, and think of it every time we wear the charm, for the rest of our spinner


  1. What a great sentiment, especially with the season of gift giving arriving. You have a way wtih words Kyria.

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