Fox Hunt Intaglio Bracelet

Here ‘s a gorgeous bracelet but wow what a price! almost $400.00! DECO STERLING INTAGLIO FOX HORSE RACING CHARM BRACELET PAINTED REVERSE FOX HORSE RACING HOUND BULL DOG Item number: 260085398547.

I think I had those charms and sent them to my friend debbie- mine were silver tho. This is such an interesting section of charm collecting- if you are an intaglio/ glass bubble/reverse painted crystal/essex crystal expert let’s hear from you?bubble-36800-charm-bracelet.jpg


  1. sandrafoster says

    Really good essex crystal charms are had to find. I bought a bracelet simply to get one crystal with mice…now I love more of the charms, too but would have been satisfied just with the one.

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