Alien in Gold Spaceship? or…?

alien-2.jpgalien1.jpg  Whatever it is it’s wonderful – any different ideas? This went for a super price, wish I’d bid higher! Where’s a lotto win when I need it? click here to see the ended auction

Not to dispair- she has lots of active auctions including a large 14K vintage leo charm as seen on page 52 of the Treasure House Charm Catalog circa 1950’s. btw- I have the same one up in sterling- It reminds me of the children’s story ‘east of the sun and west of the moon’. a gorgeous BIG charm.  click here


  1. ref “Alien in Gold Spaceship? or…?”
    I saw it I don’t remeber where, but it’s a VERY OLD bottle charm with devil inside that pops up !!!!

  2. If you’re still interested, check out item #120 467 949 742. Looks to be missing the top though. 🙁

  3. thanks – it is nice even though missing the top part of the charm. the engraving is lovely.

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