HELP- identify this mystery trademark please?

I don’t know this one and a member has asked what company it is- it’s not in Joanne/Joan’s brilliant book ‘Charms and Charm Bracelets’ by Schiffer or any of the charm mark websites I can find- and I’ve had no luck with the patent marks. The closest I can see is the Bell Tradeing Post […]

Another vintage charm jewelry sale site

It really never occured to me to go beyond eBay till Debbie opened my eyes to other sites on the internet that sell charms- how many of you have gone to Ruby Lane recently (I say recently because I’ve been told that in the ‘old’ days – maybe a year ago- it wasn’t so good) […]

Mechanical Vintage Charm Horse and Surrey

Here is a Mechanical horse and jockey in a raceing (i think it’s called a surrey?) the head is black enamel but not a seperate round ball. The wheels move and- well go look here

Catalog page 2

As she promised Susan has scanned the 2nd page of her vintage charm catalog so we can see it- she’ll do 1 a day for the 40 pages, are we lucky or what!!! To have even more fun with it I’ll try to find ebay auctions that match something on the page- mine if I […]

Good Luck vintage charm on ebay shown on the catalog page

If you are drooling over the charms on Susan’s catalog page – you’re in luck (ok bad pun since it’s a good luck charm) here’s one up on eBay right now: see the other auctions this seller has- they are great!