New Mystery Charm

they say a set of scales- I don’t think so- any ideas? click here to view auction

Flea Market Finds

  I was at the PCC Flea today- here is a photo of todays loot- I had a wonderful time- met some nice charm sellers, and had a great visit with all the ones I already know.  The red bakelite (?) cross has a stanhope of ‘El Santo Nino de Atocha’ info anyone?  filomene66- email […]

Calling all Puffy Heart Flower of the Month Charms

Check out the Vintage Charm Jewelry Forum- lavalleyjo has put up the first wanted post.  If any of you have things you’re looking for, selling or trading the forum is the place to put them- and look to see if someone has something you want or you have something they want. Let the trading begin!

Christmas Pudding, Birthday and Shower Charms

The tradition of hiding small tokens or charms in pastry for good luck goes back to Roman times- but was revived and enjoyed mainly during the Victorian era. I love the old sets of sterling tokens, each meaning a different fortune for the new year. In the 1940’s they started using them in birthday cakes. […]

Decisions decisions

  It’s hard to pick favorites- I’m trying to gather all my charms in one place to show a fellow collector on a vacation (20th anniversary- everyone cheer) and I’m overwhelmed by how many wonderful ones there are- then I look at just 1 of the many catalogs (thank lavalleyjo for scanning hers- they’ll be up […]