How to use this Site

Or interesting site FAQ’s…

I had a devil of a time figuring it out, so chances are you are too. Here are the basics – let me know of any problems and I’ll TRY (please God and the web god) to figure it out.

First: go to the log in – THIS HAS CHANGED! – you now just need to click on comments under any post and it’ll take you to the log in page. click and then click on register – once registered you can do the log in when you visit to leave comments, post things and generally be part of the group. Or you can just lurk – but do sign in so you can see the featured charm each week. It doesn’t show unless you’re signed in.

    if something is highlighted or turns color when you move the cursor over it – CLICK on it- it’ll take you somewhere fun.
    you can go to ebay and auctions from the links on the left
    you can go to gelatogrrl and joanne schwartz’s sites and other cool information links by clicking on the things in ‘other resources’
    if you want to see something bigger- like the catalog pages- click on them- every time you do they’ll get bigger.
    if you have any questions or problems let me know.