Art Deco Jewelers – 50’s & 60’s Vintage Aetna Charms

In the early 1980’s, a large charm manufacturer called Aetna Creations Inc., went out of business leaving behind a stock of thousands of different movable charms. Artdecojewelers recently purchased the remains of this treasure trove and they’re offering them on eBay weekly. Bid on the charms of your choice, but be aware that they are offered on a “first come first serve” basis and they can not guarantee that they will be offered again.

Some of these items have become very rare and are limited in supply. Some of the charms found were created by the Wells and Top Hat charm companies. Most of their charms were produced from 1957-1964. Although these charms are in like-new condition they are in fact 38-45 years old ( a.k.a. new old stock ). These charms possess excellent quality not found in most charms produced today. Many of these charms are touch-marked “sterling” or “STG” on the loop. These charms are guaranteed to be old unless otherwise noted.

Here are the latest charm auction listings from Artdecojewelers: