About Us

The purpose in starting the vintage charm jewelry site is to share knowledge about vintage charms. I’ll tell you what I know – you tell me what you know – and hopefully we all benefit and have fun.

I will show examples of interesting vintage charms and have a place to view scans of old catalogs of vintage charms, gold charms, lighting charms, sterling charms, and moving or mechanical charms. I’ll share stories of how I came to be addicted to vintage charm collecting (and please send your stories in to be shared also). Let’s swap secrets about where to find the best vintage charms.

I’ll explain how I repaired (or broke, or lost) various charms, and am looking for input on how you have done it also.

I’d like this site to become a source for those looking for specific charms to post wanted lists.

Unlike ebay this site will encourage the trading of vintage charms, so much more fun than always buying, and selling – there will be no charge for things traded on this site – this is for fun, to learn, to share, and to join the e-community of vintage charm collectors.

I will show pictures of collectors bracelets, necklaces and collections – especially pictures of how they are displayed- feel free to brag about yours. There will also be pictures of reproductions and discussions on how to tell vintage charms from reproduction charms of all types. If I’m wrong feel free to correct me – I’m here to learn.

I will show the different styles of 1940-50-60-70’s charms, antique charms and retro charms; there will even be a place to showcase interesting new charms now becoming available.

I will review the various books on vintage charm collecting, and tell you where they can be purchased.

There will be charts of makers marks and vintage marks and silver marks and date marks for vintage charms as we come across them.

You will also be able to get new info direct to your email, and I have plans to setup a forum so you can talk amongst yourselves – the only requirement is that you be polite and stick to charm talk on the website – what y’all do in the privacy of your own emails is your business.