Times Online Shopper Unlocks Vintage Charm Memories

This was in todays New York Times and has some nice ideas for past present and future heirlooms. Click here to see the story:

more favorite charms

Here are the 2 other charms from the seller of the mystery charm- one is a mechanical popcorn machine, and the other a lamp with moving switch. I missed a few days showing the favorites so I’m making up for it now- c’mon- you have to show some also!

What is this?

The seller- whom i was lucky enough to win three fun charms from, thought this might be a grill or oven- the knob on the side turns the fabric inside. I wonder if it’s a dryer- but give my your thoughts?

Great Stanhopes on eBay

In my recent post on stanhopes, I wrote that I wanted a mechanical wedding gold charm. Today, I found some on eBay. Here’s one- too high for me but a real beauty! You can view it here. And here’s another stanhope- church in silver and very nice quality British. Click here to see it. Both […]

Fox Hunt Intaglio Bracelet

Here ‘s a gorgeous bracelet but wow what a price! almost $400.00! DECO STERLING INTAGLIO FOX HORSE RACING CHARM BRACELET PAINTED REVERSE FOX HORSE RACING HOUND BULL DOG Item number: 260085398547. I think I had those charms and sent them to my friend debbie- mine were silver tho. This is such an interesting section of […]