What the heck is this?

I must admit I’m stumped- as is the seller obviously but it strikes a chord – anyone know? check it out and tell all

Vintage Charm Mystery Southern Gentleman

Time for another mystery charm- there are still some unsolved so check the past posts. to solve this one click here – then post in comments if you know who he is.

Rare Mechanical Vintage Charm from a favorite British Seller

I love vintage english charms – and nalfie is a major player in the english charm scene, many’s the month I’ve bought a hundred charms from them, and they rarely disappoint. They have recently added nalfietoo as a second ebay name to sell just the silver (925, sterling and 800 depending on the country of […]

Puffy Heart Bracelets of Note

These two bracelets are knock outs- even the links are incredible- most of these I’m told were bought from gelatogrrl, and every one is fantastic. If I thought I could choose as well as this I’d do hearts, but I just don’t have the experience to be sure I’d pick vintage charm puffy hearts rather […]

Spectacular Bracelets!

These are new bracelets owned by our member 2manychins- but nice is too mild a word to describe them- the quality the detail the shine- WOW- they are knockouts. If I didn’t like her so much I’d have grabbed them and run when we got together this week. They are as pretty as her Chins […]