What is this?

The seller- whom i was lucky enough to win three fun charms from, thought this might be a grill or oven- the knob on the side turns the fabric inside. I wonder if it’s a dryer- but give my your thoughts?

Great Stanhopes on eBay

In my recent post on stanhopes, I wrote that I wanted a mechanical wedding gold charm. Today, I found some on eBay. Here’s one- too high for me but a real beauty! You can view it here. And here’s another stanhope- church in silver and very nice quality British. Click here to see it. Both […]

Fox Hunt Intaglio Bracelet

Here ‘s a gorgeous bracelet but wow what a price! almost $400.00! DECO STERLING INTAGLIO FOX HORSE RACING CHARM BRACELET PAINTED REVERSE FOX HORSE RACING HOUND BULL DOG Item number: 260085398547. I think I had those charms and sent them to my friend debbie- mine were silver tho. This is such an interesting section of […]

Stanhopes- a vintage view- frozen in time

When I first started collecting charms I had no idea what a stanhope was. For anyone in that condition it is a small lens with a picture in it- so small you have to hold it up to light to see it. These were made from around the end of the 1800’s and put into […]

if they aren’t your pals be sure to pay by paypal

A very hard lesson I’ve had to learn since i started eBaying is that there are some unscrupulous people out there. I am all in favor of the eBay code that : We believe people are basically good. We believe everyone has something to contribute. We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out […]