Juicy Couture Charms

these will be very sought after in years to come – and are pretty darned cute now even though not vintage. this auction has many at very good prices – these can run as high as 75.00 retail so 20.00 is a steal, and a nice selection makes these a bracelet in the making. enjoy!

rare scarab charm made from a louis comfort tiffany favrile glass scarab set in 14K gold

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early victorian tear bottle charm

victorians were very fond of mourning – indeed the queen never put off her widows weeds once alfred passed. these tiny vials were used to catch the tears shed, usually at a funeral, and preserve them. although no longer in fashion they are still amazing pieces of jewelry, and a glimpse into the past.

this is almost over – great carved coral animals!

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12 love charms – the full set towle sterling

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